About Us

Life is precious and it is crucial that we take timely measures that will not only increase our life expanse but also make it a healthier and happier to lead. We usually take health for granted and when we find out how much damage we have caused to it, we actually have nothing to do but repent not working on it before. Common Ground Health Advice is an initiative by health and fitness lover to spread awareness about good health.

Maintaining health is not about weight loss. It is a comprehensive physical as well as mental approach towards one’s own body and mind, both. It is only a fit mind that can lead to a healthy body. The organization is focused on highlighting the secrets of living a long life, which otherwise is no secret at all. Most of us actually aware of them but just knowing it is of no use if not put to action. This is a platform to enable and motivate people to spare some time from their life to focus on self.

Through this organization, we are not going to deal with any health issue in particular. It is going to be all general information that will be useful to the masses. The sole motive of Common Ground Health Advice is sharing my knowledge about maintaining good health, its importance in life and ways to achieve it. If even a single human being is benefited from this, I will be highly grateful. Though my target is not one but each one of you out there breathing polluted air, eating unhealthy fatty food and drinking aerated beverages day in and day out, who knowingly or unknowingly is putting his/her life to a threat.

Support me in this initiative and make good health a commitment to self than to anyone else. Only a healthy person can live long to experience a successful life.